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As a kid, I loved to write poetry. I had a dedicated notepad, a partner in crime, kept hidden in a shoebox under my bed. …

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We’ve been hiding something with great care and shame. We’ve been playing younger, acting innocent and naive. But under our shallow disguise, we’re wiser than we think we are.

What Ever Happened to Wisdom?

Ancient Greece gave birth to a great deal of wisdom. Philosophy was a pillar of society; seeking truth was a way…

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My name is Deniss, and I’m twenty-three years old. I’m not sure why my parents put an extra “s” at the end of my name, but the kids at school loved it. They used to call me “Deniss the snake.” Laughing hysterically was my favourite response. …

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A few weeks ago, while procrastinating (admittedly), I stumbled upon a piece of content on Dopamine Detox. Google wanted me to see it, so I went along. The concept is simple but not necessarily easy for anyone to put in practice.

The idea goes as follows: by removing all sources…

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Your Predicament

Let’s be honest; you are stuck here. No wonder why you often feel stuck; you actually are stuck.

Your feet are cosmically glued to this planet, and your life is woven within a highly organized web of rules and rituals, called society. …

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Spotify has been a significant player in reshaping the music industry over the last decade. As a musician who’s released a lot of music since 2006, I could use this opportunity to criticize Spotify’s policies or its royalty rates, but that’s not why I’m writing this piece.

I want to…

Nicolas Huart

Developing the Self. Understanding humans.

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